What other factors might also influence the productivity of the maids?

A hotel has two wings, an east wing and a west wing. Each wing has 4 ‘room service maids’ working 7-hour shifts to service the rooms each day. The east wing has 40 standard rooms, 12 deluxe rooms and 5 suites. The west wing has 50 standard rooms and 10 deluxe rooms. The standard times for servicing rooms are as follows: standard rooms 20 standard minutes, deluxe rooms 25 standard minutes, and suites 40 standard minutes. In addition, an allowance of 5 standard minutes per room is given for any miscellaneous jobs such as collecting extra items for the room or dealing with customer requests. What is the productivity of the maids in each wing of the hotel? What other factors might also influence the productivity of the maids?

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Write a 1-page summary analyzing your finding regarding the profitability of the stores.

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You are requested to prepare a report for a public company. You should approach this case from a director’s point of view upon issues related with financial and strategic management…..