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Case 1:

A emails B, ‘Will you sell me your car? Email me lowest cash price.’ B emails back, ‘Lowest price for my car SCR185,000.’ A replies by email, ‘I agree to buy your car for SCR185,000.’

What is the legal interpretation of this case? Justify your answer.

[20 marks]


Case 2:

In February, B, a city council, responds by letter to a request by A, a tenant of a council house, to buy that house. B’s letter says that B ‘may be prepared to sell the house to you at the purchase price of …GBP2,943…’. The letter goes on to say, ‘If you would like to make formal application to buy your council house please complete the enclosed application form and return it to [B] as soon as possible.’ In March, A completes the application form and returns it to B. B then changes its policy and decides not to sell council houses.

What is the legal interpretation of this case? Justify your answer.

[20 marks]


Case 3:

B offers to sell his farm to A for GBP100,000. A responds by saying that he will give GBP95,000 for it.

Is there a contract? Justify your answer.

[20 marks]


Case 4:

A, the buyer of goods, sends a purchase order with its terms to the seller, B, who responds with an acknowledgement containing its standard terms, which include an exemption clause. The goods are sent and accepted by A. A then alleges that the goods are defective and that the exemption clause is not part of the contract.

Which party is likely to win and why?

[20 marks]



Case 5:

B offers to by 100 shares from A. A sends a letter of acceptance to B but that letter is lost in the post.

Is there a contract? Justify your answer.

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