What are the employer’s responsibilities under a self-administered group insurance billing system?

Assignment 3 –  Non Statutory Remittances


  1. Complete the following chart, indicating the grace period and due date.


Alberta Maintenance   Enforcement  




Nova Scotia Garnishment  





Territories/ Nunavut

Family Support  




Ontario Garnishment  




Québec Agence du Revenu du Québec  







  1. True or False. If an organization does not pay the garnished monies to the courts, or fails to act on an order, the employee is still held responsible for the entire amount.






  1. True or False. Employers can choose when to remit the union dues withheld from an employee’s pay.


  1. Name the three types of deductions that are remitted to the union.



  1. True or False. In all jurisdictions, the remittance deadline for member contributions to a defined benefit plan is different from the remittance deadline for employee contributions to a defined contribution plan.


  1. Under the federal Pension Benefits Standards Act (PBSA), when must an employer’s current service contributions for defined benefit pension plans be remitted to the pension fund?









  1. Provide two reasons why employer contributions to a registered pension plan should be tracked.












  1. Who maintains the relevant employee records in a group insurance plan billed system?





  1. What are the employer’s responsibilities under a self-administered group insurance billing system?





  1. List five examples of voluntary payroll deductions.



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