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1. What do you think is the single most critical “people” problem facing managers today? Give specific support for your position.(1 point)

2. How effectiveness and efficiency are related with OB? Discuss.(1 point)

3. What abilities do you think are especially important at senior management levels? Why? Discuss. (1 point)

4. Given the context of your organization, what do you think is more likely to lead to success on a job –a good ability-job fit or personality–organization fit? Discuss your position with examples. (1.5 point)

5. Discuss the relations between the characteristics of effective goals and dependent variables in OB, including performance, turnover, absenteeism, job satisfaction, organization citizenship behavior, employee engagement, and job involvement. (2 points)

6. Managers should do everything they can do to enhance the satisfaction of their employees. Do you agree? Discuss and support your position with examples. Discuss at least four mechanismsthe manager should apply to enhance job satisfaction. (1 point)

7. How do the Big-five personality dimensions are related to the dependent variables in OB (performance, job satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover, citizenship behavior, work place deviance, employee engagement, and job involvement? Discuss each of the possible relationships.(1.5 point)

8. How do the job satisfaction facets are related to the dependent variables in OB (performance, turnover, absenteeism, organization citizenship behavior, engagement) and organizational commitment? Discuss. (2 point)

9. How do job satisfaction, performance, turnover, and organizational citizenship behavior are related to each of the following variables? Discuss each possible relationship. (2 points)

a. self esteem

b. self- efficacy

c. locus of control

d. Machiavellianism

10. What is attribution theory? What are its implications for explaining organizational behavior? (1 point)

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