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1. Using two examples demonstrate how you think good/ effective communication might ensure high quality patient outcomes (4 marks)

George Orford is 79 years old. He is being admitted for surgery on his injured wrist. He is married and lives at home with his wife and his unmarried daughter. George is not happy about coming for surgery as this is the first time he has ever been in a hospital.

2. Using examples, discuss how you would use two (2) of the elements of a therapeutic relationship to support George and reduce his stress. (4 marks)

Mr Orford’s surgery was successful (he had tendons released to reduce stiffness and pain in his left hand). He now has a hand/ wrist splint which he is to wear for the next six weeks. He can remove it for showers/ baths but must wear at all other times. He has some anti-inflammatory medications he must take twice a day for a least the next four weeks – these will reduce any swelling & thus his pain. An outpatient’s appointment has been organised for two weeks’ time. He is to go home this afternoon. You are working with the nurse looking after Mr Orford and he asks you what steps you think should be taken before George goes home with his splint & medications.

3. Explain the concept of health literacy universal precautions and how it applies in George’s case. (2 marks)

4. Discuss how you would assess George’s understanding of any education you have provided

(2 marks)

5. Outline how you would incorporate/ include the concept of partnering communication during your interaction with George (provide an example from the scenario). (2 marks)

6. Discuss how cultural competence and cultural safety are linked.

Eddie is six years old. He has suffered from cold-induced asthma since he was four years old. He is currently in the children’s ward where you are on placement as he need admission for a severe exacerbation (deterioration). of his asthma last night.

7. Why is it best to include parents in the care of children? (2 marks)

8. Discuss three strategies you could use to establish a therapeutic relationship with Eddie. (6 marks)

As a student nurse on clinical placement, you are given the opportunity to join a clinical practice meeting for the ward you are working on. The meeting involves discussions between all the relevant health professionals about specific patients they have all cared for during the week. You observe that the meeting seems to give everyone the opportunity to reflect and discuss the management of the patient care and outcomes.

9. Choose two barriers to effective teamwork and outline strategies that might be used to minimise/ overcome these both. (4 marks)

During your professional career you are going to encounter situations of potential or actual conflict (patients, their families, colleagues), so it is important to start developing some strategies to avoid and manage this.

10. Identify two possible positive effects of conflict. (2 marks).

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