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Task: 1. Use a professional Memo format to Revise and Rewrite the following information to formulate more effective communications

2. Please ensure you address the following items during your Revise and Rewrite:

• Your manager, Sarita Berry, in Human Resources, asked you to prepare a memo for her review.

• The memo is addressed to all employees to provide information on a benefit enrollment package.

• Be mindful that Ms. Berry appreciates concise expression with a professional and courteous tone

• Ms. Berry would like to Spotlight Audience Benefits.

• Announce an enrollment period for employees to change their benefit coverage.

• Employees do not seem to realize that the changes to health, dental and life insurance programs can be made only once a year, during the month of November.

• Caution employees that voluntary changes can only be made in November, although qualified changes in family status, of course, may be made during the year.

• Ms. Berry wants you to tell employees that most of the benefit program is unchanged. However, dental coverage is a little different as two carriers now offer dental coverage.

• Family members are also eligible for increased coverage in life insurance and medical coverage now offers a basic plan plus a prudent buyer plan.

• The announcement has to be released by September 15. • Emphasize that the decisions employees make are important to themselves and to their families.

• The cut off date is November 30: all applications must be in by that time.

• Ms. Berry wants you to select times on 3 days when representatives from Human Resources will be available to answer employee questions.

• You will be one of the representatives. Please choose 2 hour blocks of time. Ms. Berry suggests that there are Q & A sessions be held in the East Lounge.

• Summarize these improvements and encourage employees to read about them in the enrollment package that you will enclose.






Digitech employees can make voluntary changes to our Employee Benefits package. You MUST remember to update your Benefits package. See enrollment package. Due to the fact that the deadline to make changes is soon, any employee who wishes to make voluntary changes MUST DO SO within the month of November only. Do you want your application to be refused!!! TICK TOCK. If you really don’t care about your benefit plan, then the deadline should not matter to you. Why do we have to keep reminding you every year of the deadline? Step up your game.

While the changes are not extensive they can exceedingly impact coverage for employees and their families, so if you are a responsible human being you must read the changes thoroughly and discuss with beneficiaries! Making changes to your Benefits package involves understanding your coverage, discussing needs and being able to access your plan online. There is hardly a day that goes by without hearing about regret of not updating your benefits, when sometime unexpected happens.

An HR rep will be available to answer employee questions at three public sessions. It is not our fault if you miss out on this by forgetting to preregister. Don’t call me for questions. I am way too busy. Why do you think you have a supervisor? All qualifying family status changes can be processed at any time. Thanking you in advance, please let me call you to provide more information.


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