Transaction Description

During its first month of operation, the Bethany’s Bicycle Corporation, which specializes in bicycle repairs, completed the following transactions.
March Transactions
Date Transaction Description
March 1 Began business by making a deposit in a company bank account of $20,000, in exchange for 2,000 shares of $10 par value common stock.
March 1 Paid the premium on a 1-year insurance policy, $2,400.
March 1 Paid the current month’s store rent expense, $1,900.
March 3 Purchased repair equipment from Andrew Company, $5,800. Paid $1,000 down and the balance was placed on account.  Payments will be $400.00 per month for 12 months. The first payment is due 4/1. Note: Use Accounts Payable for the Balance Due.
March 8 Purchased repair supplies from Jackson Company on credit, $650.
March 10 Paid telephone bill for March, $340.
March 11 Cash bicycle repair revenue for the first third of March, $1,650.
March 18 Made payment to Jackson Company, $400.
March 20 Cash bicycle repair revenue for the second third of March, $2,450.
March 31 Cash bicycle repair revenue for the last third of March, $1,250.
March 31 Paid the current month’s electice bill, $250.
March 31 Declared and paid cash dividend of $1,000.
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