Title Nine and Sexual Assault

Your topic is “Title Nine and Sexual Assault” from the CQ Researcher newsletter in the pdf file under Week Seven “Readings.”  Specifically, read page 17 (of 26 pages).

In order to complete this assignment, use only the resources in the bibliography listed in that CQ Researcher newsletter.  Many of the articles are online, some of the books may be in the LSUA library, but if they are not, use the articles. You can use the pro/con essays as ONE source.  Use your textbook to tell you how to cite the online articles (some are newspaper articles) in either APA or MLA.

You need only three resources–the final exam needs to be over three pages–not just three, but OVER three pages.

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The Road Not Taken: Please kindly and carefully correct it for me.

Please kindly and carefully correct it for me. The Road Not Taken “The road not taken” is the most famous and popular in the twentieth century and until now. This poem….