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1 This assignment will require you to apply what you have learned about training strategies and searching and synthesising the literature. It has TWO parts, which are outlined below.
Part 1 – using training strategies in practice
(500 words, 20 marks)
Reflecting on your own exercise training programme or your current coaching role (e.g. as sports coach, fitness instructor, teacher or other), discuss how you might use ONE training strategy from the following list to enhance your performance, or the performance of others:

endurance training (e.g. long slow distance training, paceltempo training, Interval training, high-intensity interval training, fartlek training, polarised or threshold training)

speed training (e.g. primary, secondary or tertiary methods)

power training (e.g. plyometric and weight training)

resistance training (e.g. maximal strength, hypertrophy or muscular endurance training).


Executive reports are summarized from ___________ reports.

  • Management
  • Tactical
  • Supervisor
  • Strategic

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Bruce is a 69 year old retired gentleman. He lives at home with his wife Betty, and together they have three adult children. Bruce is a Vietnam veteran, and as a consequence of his active duty during the war he has developed severe post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. He suffers with hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, but has repeatedly declined any treatment for any of these conditions. Bruce also has a lump on the right underside of his chin that is about the size of a golf ball. Bruce’s wife reports that this lump had been present for many months but despite the fact that it has turned into an open wound with an offensive exudate, Bruce had refuses to seek treatment for it. In recent weeks Bruce has developed symptoms suggestive of an infective illness. He has complained of generalised malaise, muscle aches and pains and an elevated temperature with occasional rigors. Despite the best efforts of Betty and the children, Bruce has refused to seek medical attention for these symptoms even as his condition deteriorated. Eventually Bruce became so weak and dehydrated that he was no longer able to refuse Betty’s efforts to have him see a doctor; with the assistance of their children Betty manoeuvred him into the car and took him to hospital. On admission to the hospital Bruce was noted to be hypotensive, tachycardic and febrile. His level of consciousness fluctuated, and was often only minimally responsive. Concerned that he may not be able to adequately protect his airway, Bruce was transferred to the high dependency unit where he could be closely monitored. Bruce was diagnosed with septicaemia resulting from the open wound under his chin

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