The sonographer in this image is demonstrating which of the following?

. Research has shown transcranial Doppler (TCD) imaging results in:


a. a minimal amount of cavitation

b. tissue lesions in small mammals

c. a rapid increase in the temperature of the cranium

d. a minimal increase in the temperature of the cranium

2. Ultrasound has a small potential to produce a biological effect because:

a. it is a form of energy

b. of the frequency range employed

c. contrast agents introduce bubbles into the tissues

d. fetal tissue is less tolerant to temperature increases

3. Which of the following organizations regulates ultrasound equipment?

a. ACR

b. FDA



4. The AIUM recommends:

a. ultrasound as a safe obstetrical procedure

b. decreased receiver gain and increasing acoustic power

c. prudent use of ultrasound in the clinical environment

d. obstetrical examinations for sex determination of a fetus

5. Cavitation is the result of:

a. a rise in tissue temperature exceeding 1° C

b. the attenuation of the sound wave as it travels through soft tissue

c. pressure changes in soft tissue causing the formation of gas bubbles

d. introduction of bubbles into the tissues and circulation from contrast agents

6. Absorption of the sound beam is highest in:

a. air

b. bone

c. fluids

d. muscle

7. Heating of soft tissue is proportional to the:

a. tissue thickness

b. mechanical index

c. operating frequency

d. spatial peak intensity

8. The sonographer in this image is demonstrating which of the following?

a. twisting of the neck and reaching of the arm

b. abduction of the shoulder and twisting of the trunk

c. twisting of the trunk and reaching of the arm

d. reaching of the arm and abduction of the shoulder

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