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Speech #4: Persuasive Speech

Length: 6-8 minutes.

Points Possible: 80 points.


Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to persuade your audience about a topic using Monroe’s Motivated sequence.



The purpose of this speech is to persuade your audience. Speeches must be organized using Monroe’s Motivated sequence. Topics should be interesting to you the speaker and related to the audience. Topics should be narrow and specific. A minimum of five different academic sources are required and must be cited during your speech (Wikipedia and forms of Wiki are not academic sources). These sources must be included on the works cited page of your outline. Topics for this speech must be approved by the instructor via the topic selection sheet. You will be evaluated on your introduction, subject matter, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Need, Satisfaction, and Visualization), organization, supporting materials, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, delivery voice, delivery-body, visual aids, and conclusion.


Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Introduction (8 points): You will be evaluated on effectively using an attention-getter, revealing the central idea of your speech, stating your speaker credibility, and previewing your three main points.

2. Subject matter (4 points): You will be evaluated on how well the subject is related to the speaker, the audience, and the occasion. The speech must call for a policy change.

3. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence: You will be evaluated on proper use of Monroe’s Motivated sequence including:

a. Need (6 points): You must present a clear problem that needs to be fixed.

b. Satisfaction (6 points): You must provide a clear and achievable step-by-step plan/policy on how you are going to fix the problem/need.

c. Visualization (6 points): You must show how your plan/policy will look in place (how your plan/policy fixes the problem/need).

4. Organization (6 points): You will be evaluated on having clear organization between sub-points, clear connectives, meeting the time requirement (6-8 minutes, you will be clapped off at 9 minutes), and having equal time spacing among main points.

5. Supporting Materials (8 points): You will be evaluated on clearly citing five academic sources correctly as stated in class.

6. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos (8 points): You will be evaluated on having a clear and appropriate appeal to ethics, emotion and/or logic.

7. Delivery-Voice (8 points): You will be evaluated on your vocal rate, volume, vocal variety, your speech being free of verbal fillers/clutter, and use of appropriate language.

8. Delivery-Body (8 points): You will be evaluated on effective use of eye contact, extemporaneous speaking, appropriate facial expressions and gestures, and your posture and movement.

9. Conclusion (8 points): You will be evaluated on using a review statement, restating your central idea, and ending with an effective call to action.

10. Visual Aid (4 points): You will be assessed on effective use of visual aid. Your visual aid should be the appropriate size, should add clarity to your speech, and should be handled effectively.

Speech #4 Outline

Points Possible: 15 points.


For your persuasive speech, you are required to turn in a typed full-sentence outline. A hard copy of the outline is due at the beginning of class on the day you present your speech. Failure to turn in an outline on speech day will result in not being able to present your speech and receiving a zero for the outline and a zero for the speech. The specific format of the outline will be discussed in class and an example will be posted on BlackBoard.

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. General and Specific Purpose: You must include the general purpose and specific purpose at the top of the outline.

2. Labeling/Monroe’s: You must label and align each section correctly using the style guide provided in class. Each part of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence must be labeled correctly.

3. MLA: You must use correct MLA format throughout the outline and on the works cited page.

4. Complete Sentences: Your outline must have a complete sentence for every point. Each point should be limited to one or two sentences.

5. Connectives: You must clearly label your connectives between main points.

6. Spelling and grammar: You will be evaluated on proper use of grammar and correct spelling.

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