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Evaluating Nutritional Claims

Evaluating Nutritional Claims

Student Guide


Assignment Summary

For this assignment, you will read two articles about dietary supplements and evaluate the accuracy of

the claims as shown in the background section of this assignment. Following the reading, you will

complete a series of short-answer questions.

Background Information

“Always choose the organic food option whenever possible.” “Choosing a food or beverage that is 100%

all natural is a healthy alternative.” “Ginkgo biloba is a great supplement to improve memory and blood

circulation.” Each of these statements is a claim commonly circulated throughout media outlets. From

television shows to magazine ads, there are many different health claims about processed foods and

dietary supplements. It is scientifically supported that nutrition and health are intimately related. Unhealthy

choices about food and….

Persuasive Speech

Speech #4: Persuasive Speech

Length: 6-8 minutes.

Points Possible: 80 points.


Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to persuade your audience about a topic using Monroe’s Motivated sequence.



The purpose of this speech is to persuade your audience. Speeches must be organized using Monroe’s Motivated sequence. Topics should be interesting to you the speaker and related to the audience. Topics should be narrow and specific. A minimum of five different academic sources are required and must be cited during your speech (Wikipedia and forms of Wiki are not academic sources). These sources must be included on the works cited page of your outline. Topics for this speech must be approved by the instructor via the topic selection sheet. You will be evaluated on your….

Creating a Personal Dietary Plan Student Guide

Creating a Personal Dietary Plan Student Guide


Assignment Summary For this assignment, you will construct a personal dietary plan that is reflective of your current diet in terms of its nutritional value. Before creating this plan, you will conduct research to explore current dietary guidelines. You will also evaluate personal barriers, and internal and external influances, to setting nutritional goals, and making food choices. You will use a food log to monitor the progress of meeting these goals. This log will help track your eating habits over the course of five days. After your entire dietary plan is constructed, you will evaluate whether healthy daily nutritional values are being met. You will then participate in a small group discussion.

Background Information Each day, you wake up and….

How Safe Is Safe?

To prepare for this Discussion, consider Case 13.2, “How Safe Is Safe?” on pages 351–352 of Northouse (2016) and review the Albert, Reynolds, and Turan (2015), Lawton and Páez (2015), Hoover and Pepper (2015), and Gustafson (2013) articles provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

Post your application of ethical frameworks to the ethical dilemma posed in the case study. In your application, do the following:

Justify your proposed solution, and explain the reasoning you used to arrive at your solution. Incorporate the justifications you provided in response to the Case 13.2. Apply the ethical framework(s) outlined in the Learning Resources or in other scholarly literature that aligns with your reasoning. Explain how your reasoning aligns with those frameworks.

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations….

How deontology applies to immigration

In the Ancient Greek world (the world of Socrates, Plato, and  Aristotle, often regarded as the birthplace of philosophy) a “symposium”  was a banquet held after a meal, an “after party” of sorts that usually  included drinking, dancing, recitals and engaging conversations on the  topics of the day.

For our purposes in this course, the Symposium discussions will not  involve dancing, recitals or a banquet, but they will provide food for  thought on current ethical issues and direct application of the ethical  theory discussed in each of these weeks.

It is almost impossible these days to turn on the news or log onto  social media without encountering a controversy that cries out for  ethical discussion. For these Symposium discussions, your instructor  will choose a topic of current ethical….

Kant’s Categorical Imperative

To ensure that your initial post starts its own unique thread, do not  reply to this post. Instead, please click the “Reply” link above this  post.

Please read the general discussion requirements above, as well as the  announcements explaining the discussion requirements and answering the  most frequently asked questions. If you are still unsure about how to  proceed with the discussion, please reply to one of those announcements  or contact your instructor.

Please carefully read and think about the entire prompt before  composing your first post. This discussion will require you to have  carefully read Chapter 4 of the textbook, as well as the assigned  portions of Immanuel Kant’s (2008) Groundwork for the Metaphysics of  Morals.

Think of someone real or fictional whom some people regard as a….

Educational Philosophy for Teachers

EDUC 305 Educational Philosophy for Teachers

SCRIP Assessment: Instructions and Rubric

Reflect on your performance in this class, at your job, in your home or ministry.   How have you displayed the following dispositions: Social Responsibility, Commitment/Work Ethic, Reflection, Integrity, and Professionalism?

The candidate will write five brief essays (no more than 100 words each) describing how they have demonstrated or practiced each of the School of Education SCRIP dispositions (Social Responsibility, Commitment/Work Ethic, Reflection, Integrity, and Professionalism) in their own personal and professional life.  If you have questions about the definitions, please see the Dispositions below.

Example responses are given below:

“I have shown commitment and work ethic by completing all assignments in this course to the best of my ability.  I have a strong commitment to KDP so I….

Collaboration And Communication Action Plan

Complete a 750-1,000-word action plan and supporting rationale based on the following scenario:

Mark is a Hispanic 8th grade student who has been identified as having an emotional/behavioral disorder, specifically Mood Disorder (Not otherwise  specified). Currently, he participates in a general education inclusion classroom. During his annual IEP meeting, the team reviewed recent test scores and determined he qualifies for the gifted program in the area of ELA only. He will continue to participate in the inclusion classroom for the remainder of his courses.  He is very successful in all of his inclusion classes. Mrs. Stone, the gifted teacher, was not able to be present during the IEP meeting. She has never worked with a student who has an IEP before. Mark is the only Hispanic student in the gifted class, which tends….

Counseling Transcription Assignment.

In this transcription assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to apply advanced counseling skills, theory, and critical analysis. After conducting the video recording for observation 2, select a 15-minute segment of that session to transcribe for this assignment. This segment can be one that you find critical or necessary to analyze for your growth as a counselor-in training. Please transcribe verbatim (continuous) in the template provided. Include 1) Verbatim transcription of a 15-minute video for observation #2, 2) analyze each column for skills and competencies, 3) analysis of critical thinking, and 4) evaluation of responses

100 points.

You must watch the counseling video that was recorded with the student in order to complete this assignment. The 13 year old student is always getting in trouble with her mother for….

Music Assignment

The principles of unity & variety apply to all music, regardless of compositional style or historical period.

Now that you are familiar with the concepts in the first section of the course (Basic Musical Concepts), and you have seen how they work on different pieces of music, try your hand, mouse, and ears at how they operate in a music selection that you may not have heard yet.

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Louiguy (4:08)

Your analysis should include:

The number of different musical ideas in the piece (for example, can we say that there are two ideas A and B? Or is there only one?) The timings (start and stop times) of the different sections of the piece in a single vertical column that also shows the….