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Assessment 3 Written Assignment —Group Program proposal 3500 words
The purpose of this assignment is to produce a proposal for a group program which is based on evidence about community mental health needs and effective therapeutic, recovery or educational group work approaches. Your 3500 word proposal will describe the context, aim and objectives and target participants of your group program, as well as provide an overview of program content (session plans) and the group facilitation of sessions.
Your should design your proposed group program to respond to one of the scenarios listed on the course learnonline site (see assessments).You can choose rural/ city options, different cultural groups etc, to add a specific focus to your proposal and enable you to consider access and equity issues.
The program should have a minimum of 5 sessions. As a proposal, your document should resemble an application for grant funding, where a service needs to write a professional quality proposal about why a program is needed, and how it will deliver improved health outcomes. The format of the proposal should follow the subheadings that are evident on the assignment’s feedback sheet (a template is also available on the Learnonline site).
These headings are:

  • Introduction: Context, aim and objective of the program. Why is the program required? What setting will be the group operate in? What community mental health needs are needed/ people requesting?
  • Target population group: described via common mental health issues and experiences, age, gender, diagnostic area, geographical area, number of participants.
  • Summary of recovery goals/ mental health outcomes: evidenced based summary of anticipated changes, and consumer interests.
  • Participants referral and selection: who is eligible/ non eligible for the program? How will referral pathways work?
  • The group program: overview of content/activities/ exercises and sequencing, timeframes, group facilitators and approaches and key skills. Stages of group development are evident.
  • Budget: brief summary of costs of program. Considerations may include venue, guest speakers, printed materials, catering, activities etc.
  • Ethical issues: summary of identified issues and group processes for responding.
  • Evaluation: identify method(s) for measuring change and eliciting consumer experience of the program.

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