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The team that Wasn't Case Study


Project Overview

The project involves a case study on a detailed team dynamic. You have to critically examine the information in the case study, appreciate the unusual situation and recommend the decisions that the characters should make in the case study.

Project Background

Eric Holt had one responsibility as FireArt's Director of Strategy, that is, to put together a team of people from each division and create and implement a comprehensive plan for the company’s strategic realignment within the next six months. It seemed like an exciting and rewarding challenge. Unfortunately, the team got off on the wrong foot from its first meeting. Randy Louderback, FireArt's charismatic and extremely talented Director of Sales and Marketing, seemed intent on sabotaging the group’s efforts. In the fourth team meeting, Eric was determined to address Randy’s behaviour openly in front of the group. However, before Eric could do anything, Randy provoked a confrontation, which ended the meeting abruptly. What should Eric do now? What is the team’s problem and how can it be resolved?

Project Objectives

  1. Analyse the key factors that are responsible for the sub-optimal performance of the team.
  2. Recommend the best strategies to overcome the business crisis.
  3. Critique the role of a top leader as an inspirational leader to foster business growth and administer their team


Question I

It’s as if you don’t care what we all have to say. We can’t work alone in a situation – we need to understand each other. Don’t you see that?

These words by Maureen, a senior manager in FineArt’s Design division, strongly show that Randy is the major hurdle behind the non-performing team. But is he the only problem at FineArt? Based on the case study and your understanding of the ungraded questions, list down the reasons which might be responsible for FineArt’s sub-standard business results.

Your response should comprise the following components:

  1. A brief summary of the major problem areas at FineArt. (maximum 50 words)
  2. List and elaborate on the reasons, responsible for sub-standard business results at FineArt, associated with the below-mentioned people: (maximum 225 words)
  1. The FineArt Team led by Eric
  2. Eric Holt
  3. Randy Louderback

Question II

If he can’t help you, no one can. I look forward to hearing what a team with this kind of horsepower can come up with to steer us away from the mess we’re in.'

Considering the above statement made by the CEO Jack Derry to his Director Eric Holt, deeply analyse the steps that Eric can take to revamp his loss-making organisation and crumbling team within 6 months.

Your recommendation should comprise the following components:

  1. Steps that Eric should adopt as the next course of action divided under the following timelines: (50 words each)
    1. Short-term (1-3 months) and
    2. Medium-term (beyond 3 months)
  2. Pick any three recommendations and elaborate on their importance and relevance. (maximum 75 words each)

Question III

'You have one responsibility as a FineArt’s new director of strategy…that’s to put together a team of our top people, one person from each division, and have a comprehensive plan for the company’s strategic realignment up, running and winning within six months.

As Jack Derry, the CEO of FineArt, speaks these words to Eric,

  1. Analyse Jack Derry as an inspirational leader of his organisation under the following headers (maximum 75 words each)
    1. Sensing
    2. Relating
    3. Visioning
    4. Executing
  2. Recommend any changes or alternative steps that Jack Derry could have taken to be a more effective leader. (Maximum 75 words)

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