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A physical hydraulic model is to be built to study the effect of altering the breakwaters at the entrance to a 150m wide river to allow the navigation of larger ships. However, there is concern that altering the breakwaters will result in changes to the beach levels and offshore sandbanks around the estuary. It is proposed that a distorted model will be constructed. A distortion of about 8 is quite typical, so take the horizontal scale as 1:240 and the vertical scale as 1:30. The model will have a mobile bed of fine sand. It is proposed that the model will include a length of the coastline 2km to each side of the river, and will cover 2km of the river upstream of the mouth as well as 2km of the offshore sea bed. A wave generator is available to reproduce wave effects. A field investigation in the estuary shows that the maximum tidal velocity at the half-tide depth is 1.6m/s, while the depth of water at the estuary mouth varies from 4.5m to 8.5m according to tide. The maximum ebb tidal discharge is 1000m3 /s with a maximum tidal volume of 9 ¥ 106m3 . A tide occurs every 12.4 hours and the maximum tidal range is 4.0m. Calculate (a) the floor space required to construct the model; (b) the maximum model tidal velocity; (c) the range of water depths in the model at the estuary mouth; (d) the model Reynolds number at the half-tide depth at the mouth (n = 1.14 ¥ 10-6m2 /s); (e) the maximum tidal discharge in the model; (f) the maximum model tidal volume; (g) the model tidal period; and (h) the maximum model tidal range

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