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a. Describe five major elements of SET transactions. (5 Marks) b. Illustrate using a diagram the SET dual signature and give its significance in an e-commerce transaction. (5 Marks) c. Show how the three techniques secret key cryptography, public key cryptography and hash function can be combined to assure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data in information systems. (6 Marks) d. Differentiate between a virus and a worm. (4 Marks)
a. Using a diagram, give a detailed description of DES operation. Show how the sub keys are generated. (8 Marks) b. Briefly describe how you can generate RSA key. (6 Marks) c. While describing what war dialing is, give any two defenses against it. (4 Marks) d. Give any two hash algorithms. (2 Marks)
a. Briefly describe the following models: i. Pretty good privacy (6 Marks) ii. Kerberos (6 Marks) iii. Public key certificates. (6 Marks) b. What is the importance of trust in the context of secure transmissions and cryptography? (2 Marks)




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