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Indian Horse Questions

Chapters 13-20


1.       In chapter Thirteen, Saul describes a situation involving a small creek near the school. How does he describe the students’ interaction with the fish from the creek? Why is this episode so upsetting to them? What are the fish symbolic of?




2.       Saul sees the school as a constant force on the students. What does he see as the only way to stop the harm being done to the students? Also, how does Saul manage to survive the school and come away alive?


3.       Father Leboutiler represents something different in the school. How is he different than anyone else Saul has encountered? Why do you suppose Father Leboutilier treats Saul and the others in this way?


4.       How does Saul explain his ability to understand hockey so easily? Do you think this hockey talent is equal to the abilities of the person who gave him his talent?




5.       As Saul continues to practice and play hockey by himself, he remember and old piece of advice from his grandmother. What is the advice she gives him and how does he apply it to the hockey?


6.       How does Saul get his chance to get on to the ice with the other boys? When he is given the chance, what pieces of equipment does he gather before stepping on to the ice?



7.       Saul describes the moment before the puck “Squirts loose” and he scores. What happens to him in the moment? How does he have this ability?




8.       How does Father Quinney explain Saul’s talent for hockey? How do you feel about Quinney’s explanation versus where Saul actually acquired the ability? Please explain how you feel in detail.


9.       At the end of chapter nineteen, Saul remembers his past. What are the theories he has of his family and what does he use to cope with the loss of them?



10.   How does Saul do in his first organized hockey game? How does Father Leboutilier react to his performance? Chapter 20 ends with him confessing something. What is it?


Chapters 21-26

1.       Saul finally sees the iron sister in the basement of the school. When he asks Father leboutilier about why the school keeps it, what does the Father say? In what way is Father Leboutilier different than the other priests and nuns?



2.       When does Angeline Lynx leg say to Saul about the abuse she suffers at the school? Why could he remark be considered ironic? It might help to look up the word ironic!




3.       As summer comes, and the winter hockey rink melts away, Saul takes on a new activity and connects with something he has not connected with for a long time. What does he connect with? Describe it please!


4.       As chapter 22 ends, Saul feels a certain amount of happiness at St. Jerome’s due to the game of hockey. But not everyone at the school feels happy. Using your “Forms of Privilege” information show how Saul has begun to use social class to his advantage.



5.       What does it take for Father Quinney to allow Saul to play on the town’s midget team? What does Saul feel is expected of him when he plays for his team?


6.       After playing very well for the midget team, Saul is told he is not able to play anymore. What is the reason he is given for not being able to play? As Saul asks, “Where’s God now?” of father Leboutilier, why is the father unable to answer him?



7.       When Fred Kelly approaches Saul about joining his team, what do you notice as being different about his team than any of the other teams? Why is it important for Saul to Join Fred’s team?



8.        What is Saul’s ticket out of St. Jerome’s? In what way is Saul privileged to be able to leave his fellow students behind for a life of hockey? How are these “Hockey playing “ values present in today’s society?


9.       As Saul sits in the hockey rink shack in Fred’s back yard after the game, he describes the atmosphere. How does Saul feel in the Shack? Give two reasons why he feels this way.



10.   Why does Erwin Ear describe Saul as a “bag of antlers”? What does he mean by this remark?

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