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Respond to performance data
In 1,500 words, explain:

  • why it is necessary to collect performance data
  • the action that could be taken if the data points to underperformance
  • the link between performance monitoring and continuous improvement

Task 1
Demonstrate the following task:
Task 1
Establish a business plan for an organisation that includes:

  • a description of the business
  • a list and description of its products and services
  • financial, physical, and human resource requirements needed to undertake its operation
  • regulatory requirements that the organisation must comply with
  • the organisation’s marketing strategy
  • financial indicators
  • productivity and performance targets for key result areas
  • strengths and weakness analysis

Identify the organisational and legislative frameworks that apply to the development of the business plan, eg:

  • access existing plans
  • confirm the organisation’s business vision, mission, values, and objectives
  • identify the permits and licenses the organisation requires
  • access or create a template/ framework for developing a business plan

Organisational frameworks can relate to:

  • customer service
  • organisational policies and procedures
  • standard operating procedures
  • strategic goals and plans.

Legislative frameworks can relate to:

  • Fair Work Act 2009
  • applicable federal and state/territory WHS legislation
  • Privacy Act 1988

Review market research to identify market requirements for the organisation’s products and service, eg:

  • access market research
  • identify the organisation’s products or services
  • identify market opportunities for the organisation’s products or services

Consult stakeholders and develop performance objectives and measures to be included in the business plan.
Identify the financial, and human and physical resource requirements for the business.
Perform a SWOT analysis on purposed plan.
Task 2
Demonstrate the following task:
Task 2
Implement a business plan.
Communicate business plan to all relevant stakeholders, eg:

  • prepare and deliver a presentation
  • conduct meetings with key stakeholders
  • prepare information for a business portal or intranet

Confirm skilled labour is available to implement the business plan.
Test the performance measurement systems and refine them as necessary.
Measurements might include:

  • KPAs
  • KPIs

Prepare the relevant reports on the organisation’s critical aspects.
Report system failures, product and service failures, and variances to the business plan as they occur.
Task 3
Demonstrate the following task:
Task 3
Review performance data and respond appropriately.
Analyse performance reports against the planned objectives.
Review the performance indicators and refine them where required.
Identify and coach underperforming staff, eg:

  • conduct a training needs analysis
  • identify skills gaps
  • facilitate coach and mentoring
  • facilitate training programs

Establish a regular review process for the business plan.
7500 words and 5 slides of ppt with speaker notes.

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