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Assignment B Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Research Perspectives transforming strengths that you can leverage in leadership roles.PowerPoint Presentation is due: 10/10/2022Note: This Assignment will close on 10/10/2022 @ 11:59All late submissions after 10/10/2022 will receive an automatic reduction of one whole grade. Therefore the highest grade of BThis is to be fair to the students who turn in their work on time.After you complete the assigned readings create a PowerPoint Presentation, Prezi Presentation, or short Digital Story if you have that skill and want to use it based on “How Research Perspectives in Leadership transform into strengths” that you can leverage in a leadership role for (your name) as we transition out of a global and national COVID-19 pandemic.The Title of your presentation might be something like:”How Research Perspectives in Leadership transform into strengths” to leverage in leadership role for (Enter your name here) as we transition out of the global and national COVID-19 pandemic.Please reference your reading to enhance your understanding of Research Perspectives in Leadership. Reminder to cite your text author in your presentation and include a reference slide. All citations must use the APA style.At the end of the class, we may assemble all your PowerPoint slides into one presentation.Reminder: You are responsible for all reading material(s).Please review the PowerPoint presentation RUBRIC Description and the rubricBasic Instructions: 10 to 12 slide presentationEach presentation must have the following:1-Cover slide: With your title, course name, date, your name1-Agenda slide: with your topics of presentation5-7 subheading of bullets that speak to the Body of your presentation: Please use bullets points only1-Summary slide: Summarize your agenda topics in one to two sentences only1-Conclusion: Your main takeaway point that you want your reader or audience to remember one week after your presentation1-Reference slide

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