Research, identify, and explain 4 types of data you would collect and how you would document them.

Scenario 1

You are working as a physical therapist assistant in an outpatient clinic with Mrs. DeMarino. She is a 40 year old breast cancer survivor. She arrives at her appointment today and you immediately notice that her right arm is very swollen. You talk to the supervising physical therapist because the evaluation noted the edema as 1+. The PT quickly assesses the patient and asks to you to provide objective measurements of the arm so he can reassess the patient at the end of the session.

1. Research, identify, and explain 4 types of data you would collect and how you would document them.

2. Research, identify, and explain 3 interventions that could be used to treat lymphedema.

3. Explain why it is important for you as the physical therapist assistant to bring this information to the attention of the physical therapist.

4. Create a list of at least 5 tips for Mrs. DeMarino to keep in mind as she completes her activities of daily living to decrease or prevent the lymphedema from getting worse.

5. Create a home exercise program with at least 3 exercises for Mrs. DeMarino to complete.

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