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Prasad recently joined your organisation, taking on the role of the new team leader. Prasad had been employed with a health service in India for over two years, and was known to his local peers as a loyal and dedicated leader.
It is Prasad’s first time being in Sydney, Australia, and he is excited to finally be a part of an Australian workforce.
After settling into his new role, Prasad noticed some of his team members making quiet jokes when he was around them. Some would giggle or quietly laugh when he would speak, and do silent head movements ridiculing his natural gestures.
During lunch times, Prasad overhead some of the team mention his name and put on an Indian accent during their conversation. This happened more obviously when Prasad was giving the team updates during their weekly catch ups. Furthermore, one of the team members, Ben, would send regular emails around to the rest of the team with jokes and comical images about the Indian culture.
When Prasad attempted to ignore these jokes, he also noticed the responsiveness of his team decline. They were not supportive of his requests and lacked the team cooperation and loyalty that he needed to get his tasks done.
Prasad began to lose his confidence with his new role and leadership. He felt humiliated because of his culture and ethnic background and could not understand why his team were not as welcoming as he expected. They did not make him comfortable in his position as their team leader.
Eventually Prasad withdrew his interaction with the team over time, cancelling meetings or delegating the responsibility to run meetings to another staff member. He was also homesick, as his family and friends resided back in India. The jokes about Prasad failed to cease and became targeted at his withdrawn behaviour. He became agitated and depressed until he completely withdrew and ceased working due to increasing stress.

Provide two types of legislation, Acts or standards this situation breaches. Provide an explanation to support your answer

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