Prepare a project charter inclusive of a scope statement

For this assignment, you will be using the case study introduced in Week Two to prepare a project charter inclusive of a scope statement. Specific templates with instructions have been provided for the charter and scope.

Project Charter:

  • At this point, we are performing a comprehensive preparation of a charter document inclusive of the scope statement, so remember that there will be many facets to this document that serves as a formal initiation artifact once approved by the sponsor. For this document, focus on those items specifically mentioned or directly implied in the case study, but consider other factors that may not be listed. You can research common training programs and add additional categories. You will have to make some reasonable assumptions to complete the analysis, but this is often the case this early in a project.
  • Ensure you complete the template fully for each section and that you include detailed information.
  • Please also include a one-page written introduction that outlines the process you utilized to prepare the charter and scope statement.
  • Cite all sources using APA format.


Document Preview:

Project Charter template (contains Scope Section): project name: Executive Summary Where did this project come from? Why is it being done? What impact will the project create (internally, externally)? What strategic plan does it contribute to? What does the customer receive/not receive by project end? What key assumptions are driving this project? What risks could challenge project success? Goals What business/organization goal(s) does this project support? What business need is being satisfied by this project? Objectives What, specifically, needs to be done to meet project/customer requirements/expectations/goal? What is the target of the project? Note: Ensure each objective contributes to the goal. Check to satisfy the “SMART” criteria Scope: What does the work of the project to meet goal include/not include? Work IncludesWork does not Include Phases / Deliverables: What are the major components of work to meet the goals/objectives/scope? What are the customer, process, and project deliverables within each phase? PhaseDescription of PhaseDeliverables Internal External Assumptions: What unknowns are being made known in this project? What uncertainties are considered true, real, or certain for planning purposes? What trial balloons are being floated to verify information? AssumptionRationaleProbability of Assumption being TrueImpact to Project if Assumption is not True Risks: What events could jeopardize this project’s success? RiskSupporting Detail (Analysis to be continued in Risk Management Plan/ Register) Constraints: What is restricting this project? What standards, regulations, technologies, resource availability impact this project? ConstraintSupporting Detail Initial Project Sizing Budget: What are the estimated costs to complete this project

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