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In philosophy of mind, Mary’s Room is a thought experiment meant to demonstrate the non-physical nature of mental states. It is an example meant to highlight the knowledge argument against physicalism. The example first appears in an article by Frank Jackson, entitled “Epiphenomenal Qualia”, which appears in Philosophical Quarterly 32:127 (1982).
It is important to note, though, that years later, Jackson reversed his stance on the argument, explaining that the knowledge argument and Mary’s Room are deeply rooted in our INTUITIONS about the “MATTER”, but that science can offer other explanations for the apparent discrepancy.

Answer each of the following questions in your essay briefly.
(1) Read ‘The Problem of Mary’ thought experiment found in Heil IN THE ATTACH FILE. What intuition is this thought experiment meant to invoke? (20%)

(2) Describe the implications of this intuition for our understanding of the nature of minds. Discuss in relation to “Identity theory”. (20%)

(3)Critically evaluate the implications of this intuition for our understanding of the nature of mind. Do you agree with the implications of this intuition? Explain why or why not by giving reasons for your position and by addressing a potential “counterargument to your position”. (60%)


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