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 You are required to write a systematic literature review proposal. This is in readiness for you to complete assessment 3 in semester 2 of your study in the HEA610 Masters Project unit.

You are asked to choose an area of inquiry related to your clinical area which is of interest to you and will be appropriate for your major systematic literature

review for assessment 3 in semester 2 of your study in the HEA610 Masters Project unit.

(. This critical review will include only primary research articles and/or secondary research articles (Systematic reviews). You are required to review 8 to10 articles. However, you are expected to use other references to support your points within the review


You are required to complete the Systematic review template which is attached as MCN literature review template. 

Preparation: Complete the academic writing quiz as this will provide information that you require for good academic writing practice.

The student is required to reference both within the text and format the reference list as per the APA 6th edition referencing guide.

Presentation: Essay format
Assessment Objectives: At the completion of this assessment the student will be able to:

·       Demonstrate a good understanding of human research ethics and their relation to research studies.

·       Demonstrate a higher level or resolved discussion.

·       Demonstrate the capacity to present an informed &sustained piece of work that reflects the critical thinking and articulation of Master of Clinical Nursing graduates.


  • APA (6th Edition)referencing is the preferred system .
  • More recent references/ studies less than last  6 years
  • Prefer Australian literature/ study review
  • Need 20 to 25 references, Please TRY TO use SOME SITES LIKE CINHAL PLUS, PubMed, MEDLINE, GOOGLE SCHOLAR
  • Length 1925 words.
  • Avoid putting the reference in the beginning of the sentence.
  • Please write this essay from a nursing professionals prospective.

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