Organizational agility in dynamic environments: Why it is important, how it works, and how organizations can develop it?

The purpose of this assessment is to respond to a specific question regarding change management by developing an argument which is based on evidence and critical reasoning. This assessment gives you the opportunity to develop and apply critical thinking regarding change in organisations using concepts, theory and research evidence. The overall word limit is up to 3,000. That is, including references, or any other materials you may wish to include in the appendix (tables, figures, etc).

Organizational agility in dynamic environments: Why it is important, how it works, and how organizations can develop it?

The essay length is 1,800 words, excluding the reference list and the appendix. Include the word count at the end of the essay. Use 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins on top, bottom and on each side, Arial font size 12. Your essay must reference a minimum of 5 sources, 2 of which must be academic, peer-reviewed articles. Do not include an executive summary, abstract, footnotes or endnotes. Marks will be deducted for violations of these presentation rules.
Turnitin: Students must submit an electronic copy of the essay to the university’s plagiarism checking software, Turnitin. Title your document with your surname and student number, e.g., Smith123456. The link for Turnitin submissions will be available on the home page of iLearn for MGMT 3017.
Turnitin is configured in such a way that you can submit a file multiple times until the due date/time. Please note that only the first time does Turnitin give you the similarity percentage automatically– after that (the second, third etc upload) it can take up to 24hrs to produce the results.
Writing style: The essay should be written in formal academic narrative style. The essay will be evaluated for discriminatory language, clarity of expression and overall presentation including grammar, spelling and punctuation. You may not use bullet points or bracketed comments. Essays must be fully and appropriately referenced using APA referencing. Substantial marks will be deducted for inadequate or incorrect referencing.
Feedback: Marks and feedback will be given in class after the mid-semester break.
Assessment criteria: Check marking rubric.

  • Knowledge and theory (30%)
  • Analysis and critical thinking (50%)
  • Organisation and structure (10%)
  • Evidence of research and correct use of APA referencing style (10%)
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