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Your expertise in quality management has landed you a job at the toy manufacturer LEGO, located in Billund, Denmark. To get you up to speed, your supervisor has provided you with resources about the quality management challenges at LEGO in relation to development of the new LEGO products. She recommends that you study the below case video and text to get familiar with how quality is embedded in product development and product delivery activities at LEGO.
Article link to Interview with John Hansen, Senior Vice President for Engineering & Quality at LEGO, Billund, Denmark

Then, your supervisor assigns you to a product development project in need of quality management assistance. The product development project had a quality manager assigned. The project initiated a limited prototype packaging run prior to ramp-up to production. Unexpectedly, your predecessor is now unavailable for a foreseeable period of time due to a serious sports injury. Instead you are now assigned to the project as the quality expert. It is your task to analyse the quality data from the prototype run and advise the project on quality matters from now on.
Assessment Task
Complete the following tasks and answer the questions:
1. You have to help the project develop a control chart (c-chart). What are the UCLc and LCLc values for the data? Show the formula used and your calculations.
2. Next, construct a control chart and plot the data on the chart. Is the process in control, or is one or more special causes still lingering?
3. You have to come up with a recommendation. Where do you and the project go from here? You may want to consider the following options: a) provide a control chart that reflects an in-control process, b) abandon the current data and start over again with another prototype production run to seek out special causes that prevented success the first time, or c) try to investigate what actually happened on the production run where the data is from and then make a decision.

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