Ms. Marcia Wilson owns and operates Marcia’s Dry Cleaning, which is an upscale dry cleaner in a well-to-do suburban neighborhood

Ms. Marcia Wilson owns and operates Marcia’s Dry Cleaning, which is an upscale dry cleaner in a well-to-do suburban neighborhood. Marcia makes her business stand out from the competition by providing superior customer service. She wants to keep track of each of her customers and their orders. Ultimately, she wants to notify them that their clothes are ready via email.

Assume that Marcia has hired you as a database consultant to develop an operational database having the following four tables:

CUSTOMER (CustomerID, FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email)

INVOICE (InvoiceNumber,CustomerID, DateIn, DateOut, Subtotal, Tax, TotalAmount)

INVOICE_ITEM (InvoiceNumber, ItemNumber,ServiceID, Quantity, UnitPrice,

SERVICE (ServiceID, ServiceDescription, UnitPrice)

A. Assume that Marcia’s Dry Cleaning has the following personnel: two owners, a shift manager, a part-time seamstress, and two salesclerks. Prepare a two-to-three-page memo that addresses the following points: 1. The need for database administration. 2. Your recommendation as to who should serve as a database administrator. Assume that Marcia’s Dry Cleaning is not sufficiently large to need or afford a full-time database administrator. 3. Using the main topics in this chapter as a guide, write a job description describing the nature of database administration activities at Marcia’s Dry Cleaning. As an aggressive consultant, keep in mind that you can recommend yourself for performing some of the DBA functions.

B. For the employees described in part A, define users, groups, and permissions on data in these four tables. Use the security scheme shown in Figure 6-15 as an example. Create a table like that in Figure 6-17.

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