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Mobile Cloud Computing in 5G: Security and Privacy issues


I will like to do a research paper on the security and privacy issues in Mobile Cloud Computing in 5G This topic will address the various security concerns that comes with mobile cloud computing as well as privacy issues. As with any technology there are challenges and security issues that arise in this case mobile users face security issues when using cloud computing services.

Wang et al. (2015) noted, ‘over the recent years cloud computing, wireless networks and cloud computing technologies have converged in to the Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) field’ (p.4-5) . The 5th generation mobile networks have increased its capacities and this has increased the range of mobile services offered (Wang et al., 2015). 5G is the evolution of the 4G mobile networks which provides users with high speed connection that allows them to download faster, upload at higher rates and allow mobile data in crowded areas to be able to work (Privacy International, 2019).

Importance of research topic

Mobile devices are portable, has an easy user interface and wireless. These features draw many people to it as they make it easier to carry, one can access internet easily as well easily transmit mobile data and voice. Despite having the various benefits mobile devices come with several disadvantages and this is heightened with new technology such as 5G networks and cloud computing. The most serious disadvantage is security issues and privacy concerns and they are new security issues that were not previously there (Alotaibi et al., 2016).

Privacy International (2019) notes that researching this topic is important because ‘the adoption of 5G networks will likely generate risks on its own. Most of them are not exactly fault of the new protocol itself, but rather a consequence of the increased speed and lower latency that 5G affords’. Thereby having this knowledge can help users have an insight on the security issues brought about by Mobile Cloud Computing in 5G and the level of risk that comes with (Privacy International, 2019). Students and researchers will also be able to understand how the Mobile Cloud Computing has various challenges and what they are and this will broaden their knowledge.

Security issues that are brought about by Mobile Cloud Computing are wireless security issues and device security issues. When it comes to devices security issues the data from users mobile devices can be hacked and confidential data can be stolen. On the other hand, wireless security issues such as disconnections, viruses, push attacks and pull attacks. This is whereby the attacker get a hold of a user’s mobile devices and takes control of it without the user’s knowledge (Alotaibi et al., 2016).

Anwar (2018) noted that ‘ there still remains a lot of mystery around

the subject of Mobile Cloud Computing; more specifically around Data Security surrounding where highly confidential business data would be stored, as well as how the data will be transmitted securely and reliably between cloud service users and the cloud’ (p.2). This means that my peers will be able to identify the research gap that is there within the Mobile Cloud Computing field. Understanding it will also help students understand the various ways that these issues can be solved ( Anwar, 2018).


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