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Make a report on players, show their email address and alias — Question 2: We want to see all the equipment Darlok owns. Display just the equipment names in his inventory — Question 3: Show all the Equipment worth more than 200 bottle caps that weighs less than 10l lbs. You only need to display the Name, weight and value. — Question 4: Display the name of the people who own a backpack. Just display their alias. — Question 5: Display a full list of all Players and their inventory. Show us their alias and equipment name. Be sure to include players who do not have inventory as well! Order this result by alias and equipment name — Question 6: We want to see the name of the equipment where a player has more then 10 of them in their inventory. Only display the equipment name once in this list. — Question 7: Show us a list of all items which are not in anyone’s equipment. — Question 8: Show us a list of all Items which are in someone’s equipment (no duplicate names) — Question 9: Modify question 8 and remove any items which are in “Raven’s” inventory. In other words, if any item is found in Raven’s inventory, it should NOT appear in your final result, even if it is in other people’s inventory. — Question 10: Name all the custom made equipment and the name of the person who made it (use their alias only) — Question 11: Using a Join, show all the custom made equipment in a player’s inventory (also show the alias of the player who has the equipment). — Question 12: Modify the above statement to ONLY SHOW equipment if the player is *NOT* the same player who made the equipment. — Example: If Raven made the spell book, but it’s found in someone else’s inventory, we want to see that! But we don’t need to see that Raven has their own item.

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