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Long Beach City College-Child Development and Educational Studies

CDECE 48- Socialization Report

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Purpose: To explore how the contexts of your life have shaped the person you are today and to reflect on how your own personal socialization context is related to the theories and concepts you have been introduced to in our class.


Skills: In writing this paper you will practice the important skill of applying child development theory to a real-life example (in this case- your own development).


Knowledge: This assignment will help you to build understanding of the following

· The concept of “context”

· Bioecologial Theory

· The development and impact of attachment.

· The major socializing agents in a child’s life and their impact.


· Step 1: Read chapters 1 and 2 in your text and explore the supporting resources the in our Canvas site.


· Step 2: Respond to each of the following prompts

· #1: Write a summary that describes your family or caregivers (who you grew up with) and a general overview of how your experiences growing up have impacted how you live your life today.

· #2 Connecting to chapter 2, describe your experience with attachment. Did you have one or multiple attachment? To who? How do you know? Did you experience any barriers to attachment? If so which ones? If not, why do you believe so?

· #3: Describe your current microsystem and how the different people or systems within it interact (mesosystem)

· # 4: Identify and describe at least 4 agents of socialization (examples at the bottom of page 5) and provide examples of the influence of each in your own life.

· Each question should be listed (you can just cut and paste the questions into your document)

· Each question should be answered in complete, standardly formatted paragraphs with details and examples

· References to the text book, supporting resources and lecture materials should be cited accurately.


· Step 3: turn in your typed socialization report to Canvas by


Criteria for Success:

· Review the rubric on the following page- this is how you will be graded for this assignment

· To get the maximum points possible aim to meet all of the criteria under “exceeds expectations”

· Connect with your instructor if you do not understand any of the criteria

· Use the rubric as a check for yourself before you turn in your final draft of your paper.

· Typically, a response that earns full points will be between 2-4 standardly formatted pages long.

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