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Scenario:?You are a juvenile corrections officer?tasked with?making recommendations?to a judge?for?a juvenile’s entire course of treatment. You?can advise on?the?sanctions?they should receive;?the?components of their correctional treatment;?the programs, training, or institutions that should?assist them;?any?alternatives?or?special conditions?to consider;?and?terms for?their?aftercare?and transition back into the community.


Write?a?525- to 700-word?correctional?dispositional plan?for?a juvenile.


Choose?1?of the?following?juveniles?to use as an example?case study?for this week’s?assignment:

  • Donovan from “Second Chance Kids”?(see this week’s University Library Videos)
  • Rolon from “Second Chance Kids”
  • Shawn from?Juvenile Justice
  • Jose?from?Juvenile Justice
  • Manny?from?Juvenile Justice
  • Marquese?from?Juvenile Justice
  • Gina, from?the?Ch. 11 Critical Thinking Exercises #3?(p. 313)
  • Any of the juveniles from the Week 3 court session videos


Note:?If you choose an example?with a known?correctional plan,?do not propose the same?plan from the original case study.?Make your own recommendations for?a?different?process?for?the juvenile’s?treatment.


Complete?the following in your?recommended plan for the juvenile:

  • Summarize?the outcome of the adjudication process and the disposition in this case.
  • Describe?the treatment of the juvenile in this situation.
  • Explain?how law enforcement?and the courts?might?have?interacted differently with?this person?as a juvenile?than if he?or she?had been an?adult.
  • Explain?the risk factors that need to be considered in the assessment of this juvenile.
  • Explain?how the combination of factors considered in this case were connected and influenced the?original?outcome, if at all.
  • List?any additional information you would like to have?before considering?other?correctional?treatments?for the juvenile.
  • Recommend?2?alternative?correctional strategies for this juvenile:?1?that?includes?a correctional program?that exists in your state?and?1?other?potential?option.
  • Explain?how you could?monitor,?measure,?report, and support the juvenile’s?progress?through treatment.
  • Justify?your?plan?with?evidence?that supports your recommendations.


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