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As an in-class exercise, silently jot down the general “meanings” you derive from the nonverbal behaviors listed below. Compare answers with classmates. Is there general agreement on all, or is there a range of answers? Where answers vary, discuss the possible reasons why.

A. Lack of sustained eye contact

B. Lowering of eyes or looking away

C. Furrow on brow

D. Tight lips

E. Biting lip or quivering of lower lip

F. Nodding head up and down

G. Hanging head down

H. Shaking head right to left

I. Folding arms across chest

J. Unfolded arms

K. Leaning forward

L. Slouching, leaning back

M. Trembling hands

N. Flushed face

O. Holding hands tightly

P. Tapping foot continuously

Q. Sitting behind a desk

R. Sitting nearby without any intervening objects

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