Is the creative presentation as effective for the audience as it should be?

In creating your presentation and supporting report, the following consideration should be considered:

  • Is the creative presentation as effective for the audience as it should be?
  • Does the support document validate what is in the presentation?
  • Need to define a clearly articulated value proposition
  • How much investment does the project require, and what is the equity offering?
  • The timeline for success and the associated ”burn” rate
  • The nature of the market in which the opportunity intends to exploit
  • What is the opportunity’s strategy for success and associated competitive advantage?
  • What is lacking and/or weakness of the opportunity, and how will these short comings be overcome?
  • The team profile its associated strengths and weaknesses
  • What are the short medium and long terms goals?
  • How will the opportunity manifest – i.e. how will it be produced?

Presentation and supporting documentation structure The presentation approach is left in the hands of the entrepreneur. It can take the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a piece to camera or any other method of communicating to the VC as the entrepreneur deems appropriate. Notwithstanding this “freedom” key attributes need to be embedded in the presentation. These include:

  • What is the project strategy?
  • What is its value proposition?
  • The market profile
  • The team’s make up
  • The investment sought, equity position and associated “burn” rate
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the project
  • The proposed timeline encompassing future targets
  • Summation encompassing why you feel this project will be successful

The presentation will be supported by a 1,000 report that will validate many of the assertions stated within the presentation, this report will include:

  • An expanded narrative pertaining to each assertion grounded in real world and theoretical foundations
  • Supporting theoretical and peer reviewed references
  • The report’s format will be creative and in line with the presentation’s approach
  • The report’s format will be professionally presented with a table of contents, front cover, appropriate subheadings etc
  • Justified font, 12 point and 1 ½ spacing
  • One point on paragraph
  • Where diagrams and images are used, they must be causally related to the narrative

Additional supporting paraphernalia is encouraged. This can take the form of the creation of a logo, a corporate message, or any other creative and innovative supporting asset that the entrepreneur might consider. Where it is not practicable to create a supporting paraphernalia an explanation of what you would do, if you could can be outlined in the report’s addendum (this will not be included in the 1,000-word limit). However, whatever is suggested must be practicable and achievable and in line with presentation strategy outlined in the elevator pitch – a working “light-sabre” will not cut it.

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