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Assessment type: Individual Reflective Bs., PumosesIbe purpose of this assessment is. provide students with the opportunity to explore ideas I or personal and professional development, an organizational con.x1.11, contributes to the learning outcomes, a, b c.
Due date: Sunday, Week 4,11:59 pm Weighting 1596 Format The report should use Calibri Body (Font stze 11) as the normal text and have marens of 2.5cm all around. Referencing A mtntmum of 6 academic references Submission: Located on Canvas. Center. Students will mite and sub. a 1500.word (0.1016.) indvidual essay on one organisa6on from the list below, focusing on the organisational behaviour theories discussed in this subject from weeks 1.4.
Task details:
Following are the issues to be covered: 1. Introduction: Background of the selected organisabon with a brief idea of Organisahonal Behaviour 2. Describe a problem related . the organisaf on, as much as possible M terms of the observable or measurable symptoms 1 mantlests, 1 or example: increased customer complaint; specific quality conrerns; high staff turnover; contracts lost decreased market share; loss &funding or loss of profit etc. 3. The issue/problem should Ifien be considered and analysed tn .rms of material drawn from any two organisational behaviour .pics studted as part of this subject from weeks 1.4. Try . choose the .pic models/concepts Illat seem . offer the most useful insights in. the problem. Do not try to deal with many models or concepts. For example, two models, well applied and showing a good understanding of associated concept would likely to give optimum results. Topics …course coverage should not be selected. 4. Provide 3.4 recommendations utilising some aspect or aspects of your analysis.The intervention should he intended . solve or improve the situation.

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