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How to reduce unfairness Two young individuals (Ann and Bernie) started with a medium-sized organisation on the same day. Teir education has been similar, and they are both highly motivated to explore the organisation and to develop their own skills. Ann receives extra attention from her managers, while Bernie receives her on the job training courtesy of two senior-employees. Ann is given many extra opportunities and is asked to take part in diferent projects. Bernie is not given the same opportunities, and he feels he is being treated unfairly. He becomes more and more withdrawn, and his commitment is waning. He starts to doubt his own capabilities, and becomes convinced that Ann is much better than he is.

a In which two ways can Bernie reduce the unfairness he experiences in the situation described? b Imagine you were in Bernie’s shoes. What would you do? Would you become upset and fght for your position? Or would you look for employment elsewhere? Study the book and fnd out how you might deal with this situation.

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