In what ways did women take part in battle, and were all honored and praised equally?

Revolutionary Mothers, writing assignment.

Author thesis:

Carol Berkin tells the story of women’s role in the creation of a new nation. The Revolutionary War – a conflict waged in the streets, the fields, and on doorsteps – blurred the lines between the home front and the battlefield. As participants on the royalist and patriot side of the conflict, women transcended their traditional domestic roles displayed in a variety of activities. Despite the patriot’s goal of liberty, full liberation for women was not achieved.

You are responsible for choosing one of the following chapters and prompts below to respond to (you don’t have to read the whole book). Write a 500-750 paper. Essays must be completed in Times New Roman font size 12, on standard letter sized paper (8.5”x11”), with 1-inch margins.


Prompts – please choose one of the three below:

1) How convincing was the author’s thesis where she discussed the differences in how some women responded to their men going to war in chapter 3. Also, how by what means did some women adjust to their men being away from home in order to survive and what challenges did they face?


2) How convincing was the author’s thesis in relation to the motivations for some women joining the army. What various roles do they play? In what ways did women take part in battle, and were all honored and praised equally? Why or why not? Read chapter 4 for this response.

3) How convincing was the author’s thesis in chapter 8 when she discussed African American women’s experience in the aftermath of the Revolution? How did free African American women survive? By what means did some make permanent escape from slavery? Were they the majority or the exception? Where did some find refuge, and what new challenges did they face? Why did some choose not to escape?

Revolution Mother’s grading criteria:

10% of your grade will be determined by correct citations.

10% for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

30% for providing surrounding context, events, and names.

30% will be considered by assessing the response in relation to the given question and topic. In other words, does the evidence you provide directly address the given prompt?

20% for assessing the author’s use of examples to support her thesis (in other words, provide your own original thoughts and insights)



In this class, we refer to the Chicago Manual of Style.

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