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In Problem 7.14.2 for gasoline movements, the pump used has a head versus capacity and efficiency versus capacity as indicated below:

(a) What gasoline flow rate will the system operate at with the above pump?

(b) If instead of gasoline, diesel fuel is shipped through the above pipeline on a continuous basis, what throughputs can be expected?

(c) Calculate the motor HP required in cases (a) and (b) above.

Problem 7.14.2

A pipeline 40 miles long, 10 in. nominal diameter and 0.250 in. wall thickness is used for gasoline movements. The static head lift is 250 ft from the origin pump station to the delivery point. The delivery pressure is 50 psi and the pump suction pressure is 30 psi. Develop a system head curve for the pipeline for gasoline flow rates up to 2000 gal/min. Use a specific gravity of 0.736 and viscosity of 0.65 cSt at the flowing temperature. Pipe roughness is 0.002 in. Use the Colebrook-White equation.

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