Identify three (3) qualities required for building an effective team.

TASK 1 Short answer questions.

Identify three (3) qualities required for building an effective team. Briefly explain your answers. James is a salesperson for a large seafood provider. James uses a combination of telesales, digital networking and face to face networking events to secure new customers. James has recently secured a new contract with an international hotel chain which has boosted his net sales by close to 10%. James is keen to add to his client base whilst retaining old customers also. Using the above scenario, suggest two KPI’s that could be implemented to monitor James’s performance. Explain the reasons for your answer.

Suggest three (3) ways in which team member input can be facilitated into developing strategies. Suggest two (2) potential ways to reward positive feedback and explain why this is beneficial to working practice.

List the five (5) stages that are required for the identification of workplace issues and provide a brief description of each stage. Explain what an SMT is and identify one potential advantage and one potential disadvantage to this method of team performance.

Identify three (3) components of effective communication. Identify two (2) implications of leaving workplace issues unresolved. Explain your answer.

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