Identify historical and cultural factors which contribute to the context of Indigenous health care problems

In this assignment, we are going to turn your focus onto the remote community of Oak Valley. Here you will first examine the AIHW data and/or Jasons Collaborate Ultra session where he verbalised the transient nature of the community population data and consider the social determinants of health and the most pertinent health challenges faced by the residents of this community. You will be required to examine the social and ongoing health impacts of dislocation from the country and long term health of the British nuclear tests at Maralinga conducted between 1956 and 1963 . You will be required to examine the resources, funding and programs available to a remote area nurse using a cultural proficiency framework to address the social inequalities and health needs of the community. This assessment is designed to achieve this aim and in doing so you to begin to address the following learning outcomes

  1. Identify historical and cultural factors which contribute to the context of Indigenous health care problems
  2. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity in all aspects of Indigenous health practice and culturally appropriate research in Indigenous populations
  3. Review the impact of historical events
  4. Describe the impact of contemporary society and culture on the health of Indigenous Australians
  5. Identify the key health issues that face Indigenous Australians in 21st-century Australia
  6. Apply a cultural proficiency framework for working with Indigenous populations.

Assignment Details:

This is your second and final assignment. It includes the rubric for marking. In the first part, you are asked to review the available public health data on the community in focus. In 2020 this is Oak Valley. You will review the impact of the dislocation from the country that resulted from the British nuclear tests. Then with a focus on one type of health condition such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal failure or mental health identify the resources available to a remote area nurse.

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