Identify capital resources and financing options.

IT Entrepreneur Report Assignment (4/5pages)
This report describes your pathway to the Entrepreneurial Process for an IT related business or service such as IT Consulting, Software Development, or Computer Repair. The report consists of five themes including Business Planning, Resources, Operations, Marketing, and Clients. It is your responsibility to research and write each of these areas to complete the report. You are not writing a business plan; however, the report will identify what should be included in a plan. Think of your report as an instruction manual for an Entrepreneur that identifies information, services, and keystake holders to ensure success in an IT related enterprise. Your report must meet the following objectives:

Identify the key components of a business plan.

2. Identify sources of market research.

3. Identify capital resources and financing options.

4. List the key components and requirements of client contracts.

5. Outline the use of budgets and financial planning tools.

6. List marketing strategies.

7. Explain how to identify and satisfy client needs.

8. Explain how to effectively manage client relationships.Instructions: You will work through five sections of this report. Your final report must include a cover page, an introduction, a conclusion, and an appendix listing all there sources you used to obtain information.

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