identifies and discusses the central role of parents and caregivers in young children’s cognitive development

Template Assignment 2


Task 1:


(i) Context of setting: e.g. 3-year-old room, community preschool, rural, regional town of 8000 people, enrolment of families from various SES backgrounds including: farming and town families, 25% Aboriginal families. There is one family of Chinese descent who speak Cantonese at home as their first language.



(ii) Photos of what you observed (please annotate these using APA guidelines e.g. Figure 1: Three year olds engaged in a listening game)You need to be in two of these photos. Each photo should be labelled using APA guidelines). Two photos per part is needed. e.g. Part (i) should have 2 photos.


1.identifies and discusses the central role of parents and caregivers in young children’s cognitive development

(approx. 5.5 marks)

2. demonstrates an integrated approach to early language and literacy

(approx. 5.5 marks)

3. applies theory to practice by critically analysing appropriate sociocultural pedagogical strategies to support young children’s language and literacy development

(approx. 5.5 marks)

4. demonstrates knowledge of the field of young children’s language development

(approx. 5.5 marks)


5. demonstrates an ability to apply a multi-literate perspective to theory and practice

(approx. 5.5 marks)

6. demonstrates an ability to understand cultural and linguistic diversity, and lndigenous languages

(approx. 5.5 marks)

7. can critically analyse teaching and learning experiences for young children independently

(approx. 5.5 marks)

8. demonstrates an ability to use observations and evaluations to inform future planning

(approx. 6 marks)

9. applies professional standards of communication through the presentation and articulation of information

(approx. 5.5 marks)

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