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How will you make sure that you maintain a child-focused approach at all times and meet cultural needs, yet at the same time ensure that the child is safe?

Abbas is 10 years old and attends your primary school, with his sister Nneka, who is seven years old. Both children appear happy, well cared for and attend school regularly. You and your colleagues have become aware that Abbas seems to carry a great deal of responsibility for Nneka. He accompanies her to school and home each day and deals with any messages for her class teacher. Abbas stays on the school premises if his sister has an after-school activity, but has declined chess club for himself, with the explanation that he has to get Nneka home and organise a meal. You have also heard through the parent grapevine that children who invite Abbas round to tea always have Nneka as well. There seems to be no option, even at the weekend. You and your colleagues are concerned not to appear to criticise Abbas’s parents, although you feel that he is carrying undue responsibility for a 10-year-old. There is no direct cause for concern about either child, although a few comments from Nneka have made you wonder if Abbas sometimes has sole responsibility well into the evening. This year Abbas will move on to secondary school and the transition will involve a much longer daily trip for him to bring Nneka to primary school. You wonder whether to raise the issue with his parents and in what way.

● Do you have any concerns about either child in this situation?

● What might be the complicating factors for practitioners to consider?

● What should probably be your next step?

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