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You are asked to choose a Website/ Web app/ Mobile app from any e-service/e-commerce provider. Explore the Website/Web app/Mobile app and identify the strengths (Note: you may compare the features with other similar Website) and the weakness of the Website/Web app/Mobile app (Note: mention what features are missing and/or difficult in terms of usability compare to other similar Website). Finally, suggest what should be done to improve the usability of this Website/Web app/Mobile app (at least three suggestions).




• Identify a user’s goals to use that particular Website.

• Ask whether the user achieve his goals with the Web search.

• How much effort is required from a user in order to achieve his goal/complete a task using website?

• Is the Website visually appealing?

• Is it easy to move from one page to another?

• Is the overall organization of the site easy to understand?

• Is a user able to complete his task in a reasonable amount of time?


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