How Do Companies Overcome Warehouse Management Challenges in Supply Chain?

As part of this course, you will analyze a supply chain management problem, write a research paper. Supply Chain Management Problem: How Do Companies Overcome Warehouse Management Challenges in Supply Chain? Warehouses exist in constantly changing environments in global supply chains and face a number of challenges. Retail footprints are shrinking as more consumers opt to purchase online. For warehouses, that means shouldering a larger storage burden to compensate for the shift from brick-and-mortar shopping to e-commerce. This creates a need across many companies for scalable solutions that don’t require a substantial capital investment but can ideally integrate with a warehouse’s existing infrastructure and layout. Common shortfalls or bottlenecks faced are irregular demand, inaccurate inventories, manual operations, poor facility layout, and redundant processes that lead to additional costs or losses to an organization. For the aforementioned reasons above, warehouses, and the supply chain as a whole, need to move into a more integrated approach that supports transparency and visibility, for the warehouse, its logistics partners (3PL) and consumers. Adopting concepts such as multi-modal optimization, automated capacity management, IOT, and on-demand warehousing will be crucial for organization’s success of end-to-end supply chain visibility. Therefore, in this paper i seek to highlight incorporation of methodologies that will enable solutions to barriers faced real-time by warehouse managers. The basic requirements for your research paper include the following: • Paper should be a minimum of 10 pages and Abstract • Follow the current APA format for manuscripts closely. • Use one-inch margins on all sides. • Left justify all narrative. • Use Times New Roman font, 12-point. • Indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch. • Double space everything in the paper. Do not add extra lines or spacing between paragraphs or sections of the paper. • Insert the running header at the top left and the page number at the top right of each page of the paper. • • DO NOT quote from the articles reviewed unless the wording is unique or very special. More than three quotes in the paper would be too many! • Do NOT use articles or sources from Wikipedia! Use references published within the past six years. • DO NOT copy anything from any source unless you indicate the wording as being quoted and include an accurate reference citation for the source.

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