How did women react to the language of freedom and liberty?

Freedom and an individual’s right to vote became interchangeable in the wake of the Revolution. Describe how that transformation came about and how the various state constitutions dealt with voting qualifications. Thomas Paine wrote that the essence of a republic was not the “particular form” of government but its object: the “public good.” Thomas Jefferson claimed that no nation could expect to be ignorant and free. Explain what he meant by this. When Dr. Samuel Johnson, the British writer, asked how it was “that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty from the drivers of negroes,” he was pointing to a key irony of the American independence movement. What arguments did supporters of American independence use to justify retaining the institution of slavery? How did women react to the language of freedom and liberty? How did the Revolution transform religion in the new nation? Consider especially issues related to religious toleration, religious liberty, and church-state relations.

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What groups living during that time would agree with the cartoon’s message? Why?

w3d3   Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Please be sure to follow rubric! Please look at pages 420 and 530 before doing these cartoons. If you remember from my video what a….

What are the explanations that have been offered in support of dropping the atomic bomb

In order to prepare for this discussion forum:  – – After you have completed your readings post your answers to only ONE of the following questions. What are….

were the Radical Republicans correct in their assumptions regarding the South, or could Lincoln’s approach have paved the way for a continuation of the political, social, and economic gains that African Americans had achieved during reconstruction?

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1A: Reconstruction.   President Lincoln’s goal for reconstruction remained linked to his goal in the war-preserve the Union. His plan favored leniency, in order to as quickly as….