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This assignment gives you the chance to examine primary resources, formulate and develop your thoughts and respond to questions.


· Download the materials below.

· Respond to all of the questions within the ‘Historical Challenge Jacob Riis and Tenement Housing’ Answer Sheet. Be sure to save your document and upload the file when you are ready to submit your assignment for grading.

. Do not submit your answers in the Comment section of the assignment area.

· Your grade of 32.5 points will be based on your complete responses to each of the questions.

· Do not simply copy/paste from the Internet. Read over the information and formulate your own thoughts.

· Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

· Questions? Please let me know.


PRESENTATION – This PowerPoint presentation contains information about Jacob Riis and Tenement housing. If you can’t hear the audio in the PowerPoint slides or open the PowerPoint file, you can review the slides in PDF format: Historical Challenge Jacob Riis and Tenements.pdf Click for more options

and read the text.


. I have narrated each slide. Historical Challenge Jacob Riis and Tenements.ppt Click for more options

 ANSWER SHEET  – Historical Challenge Jacob Riis and Tenement Housing(1).rtf Click for more options

· Your responses must be typed up in the Answer Sheet and submitted via the assignment link.

Submission Instructions


Type your answers in the Answer Sheet provided.

Do not simply copy/paste from the Internet.

Write your answers in complete sentences. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Questions? Please let me know.

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