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Students are required to demonstrate their ability to critically appraise a piece of evidence (i.e. primary research study) provided, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the study, at a foundational level. In addition, students are required to discuss factors which may influence the use of this evidence in practice. Purpose and Rationale: This assignment requires you to demonstrate critical appraisal of a published research study. This is a skill central to effective clinical practice and in many instances throughout your career, where you will be required to locate and apply best available evidence to support clinical decisions. Instructions: • You are expected to critically appraise only one of the research studies provided in HLSC122 LEO Assessment Task 3 tile. • The research study should be accessed as a full text and critically appraised using questions identified in Part A. • This is an academic essay and should follow the expected writing format which includes: introduction, body, conclusion, and reference list. Do not repeat the scenario in your essay, although you may refer to key elements of it in your writing. • This assignment must be supported by a minimum of four references, which need to be valid and varied academic sources (i.e. textbooks listed in unit outline). However, you are encouraged to use more references if needed to support your discussion. • Your essay should have in-text references as per APA 7th referencing style (i.e. author, year). You should refer to the https://libguides.acu.edu.au/referencing/apa7 Assessment 3 – Written Assessment Essay 50%, 1200 words Use the subheadings to address the assessment objectives. Students are not to go over the word limit for each subheading. Introduction – 100 words • Students are to state the study they chose to discuss and outline what they will be addressing in the body. Identifying a clinical problem – 150 words • What is the problem and why is this a problem? • Students are asked to identify what the clinical problem/issue is and describe the impact of the problem/issue. Refer to the literature. Research question – 100 words • Students are asked to quote the research question with referencing, then describe in their own words the aim of the study. Critical Appraisal- 400 words • Students are asked to identify the level of evidence and consider the following with reference to the literature: • Sample size HLSC122_Extended Unit Outline_FINAL MODERATED_ © Australian Catholic University 2021 Page 19 of 23 • Ethics approval • Instruments used • Methodology (validity and reliability) • How the data was analysed • Limitations of the study Application of evidence in the clinical area – 350 words • Students are asked to describe the outcome of this study • Students are asked to critically analyse the application of evidence within the clinical area and refer to 2 barriers and 2 facilitators to the application, with reference to the literature. Conclusion – 100 words • Students are to state their findings/conclusion(s) and any relevance to clinical practice

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