Help one organization in its response to the current COVID-19 situation

Goal: Get you to produce an Overview to a market research proposal (see lecture of week 2); the main notion is that you will help one organization in its response to the current COVID-19 situation. Background: The sudden changes brought about by the current pandemic have placed many successful organizations at crossroads. Indeed, while some organizations are now contemplating their future viability, others are considering whether and how to alter the way their organization operates. Making the right decision, and, therefore, having the best information (market research), has never been more important. Method: You are going to individually produce an Overview to the problem: what will represent a key component to your group assignment. This should be doable in one page. I have provided you with an example in lecture 2 (note that this represents an example, not a rigid guideline). First, you will select one organization (it is okay to start with more organizations and then narrow down your choice to one). Second, you will make sure that you understand the organization (see 20 Questions). Third, you will try to situate the problem created by the current pandemic and set your objective. Fourth, you will set (bulleted) objectives for the rest of your assignment.

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