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Given Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com  determine the best estimator Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com under quadratic loss. Show that this estimator is a generalized Bayes estimator and discuss its admissibility.

(Hobert and Robert (1999)) Consider Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com with Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com

a. Give necessary and sufficient conditions on (a, b) for the posterior distribution to be defined and the prior distribution to be improper.

b. Give the transition kernel (8.2.7) in this case. In the special case b = −1/2 and a = k/2, show that the transition is a non-central chi-squared distribution.

c. Show that the transition kernel (8.7.1) is

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where p = (b + 1)/(b + 2).

d. Show that this distribution corresponds to the usual negative binomial distribution when a is a positive integer.

e. In the general case, the distribution with mass function

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f. Deduce that (xt) associated with the kernel K∗ is a branching process,

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Where Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com And Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com

g. Conclude that the chain Best Essay Writing Services | EssayBureau.com is recurrent when b = 0 and 0 <>< 1,=”” and=”” transient=”” otherwise.=””>

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