General injury report- Public health Approach

In this report, you are asked to provide a general introduction to the injury problem for your peers. Keep a global focus and cover, for example, the size of the problem, common causes of injury, groups affected, trends over time, and societal burden. You should mention how injury data are collected (surveillance) and the injury pyramid (and what this means in relation to collected data).
You should ensure that you discuss in general terms, the opportunity for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention (i.e. don’t focus too much on specific injury mechanisms, rather indicate what these terms mean in relation to injury prevention). Highlight differences between high, and low and middle income countries in terms of burden of injury and opportunities for injury prevention.

Injuries are a major cause of preventable death and disability worldwide. Time precludes us from covering “injury” as a topic in the course, despite its importance as a public health issue. Therefore, this assignment will assist you to explore this field yourself, and in so doing, apply a range of skills required for public health practice and management.
Before undertaking your assignment you are advised to review the slides in Moodle on “How to find public health information”.
Addressing the problem of injury in the population requires us to follow 4 steps known as the “Public Health Approach”.
This is illustrated in the following figure…..

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